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Got A.R.T.?  We do.  What is ART?  Click here to read about it.  Kevin, pictured here, is our Chiro/ART guy and damn is he good at his profession!  Let's face it crew, we beat the snot out of ourselves on a regular basis.  We need to take care of our soft tissue in order to stay mobile and pain free.  Pick up one of Kevin's cards at the gym and talk with him about how ART can help you with joint pain and mobility issues.  I highly recommend this therapy for avid CrossFitters, and even better, Kevin works out with us!  ~ Jason Boag, Owner CrossFit OKC
Monday I had my first visit with THE Dr. Kevin Jones, who is certified in ART (Active Release Technique). I don't really know the specifics in the magic he does but I know when I left my left arm could actually go behind my head when in the overhead position versus stopping naturally in front...which FYI is "fairly" important/standard for thrusters, press, push press and push jerk. Thank you sir I'll be back later this week.  ~ Shanna Lakin, CrossFit OKC, OKC Police
Kevin is the real hero for the A.R.T. he did for my hurting shoulder this morning--much thanks!  ~ Laura Rankin, CrossFit OKC

Kevin rocks the party that rocks your body. Kevin is actually great and if anyone is having probs they should go see him.   ~ Ryan Bittle, CrossFit OKC

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CrossFit Movement & Mobility Certification

April 11, 2010

Attending the CrossFit Movement and Mobility Certification Course in Edmond, Ok.


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